UFC 145 Sneak Attack



YOU GUYS - and I'm not just talking to you, people with man parts. I'm talking to you ladies, too - UFC 145 is coming to Philips Arena on April 21.

Yeah yeah yeah, you already know this because Jon Jones' face is all up and down I-75 and overlooking some key in-town intersections, but I don't think you understand how may-jah this is to me. I also don't think you understand how may-jah what I'm about to tell you is, and it's probably because you didn't know I was about to tell you something off-the-charts important.

First, let's talk about me. I LOVE me some UFC. "What?!" you say? "But you're a chick and you don't own anything that says 'Affliction' on it," you say. Yeah, I know, I know, but who seriously doesn't love to watch two grown-ass men beat each other to a bloody pulp every three to four weeks live on pay-per-view? Well, because I know that all of you do, in fact, love to watch men get choked out on the regular, the fine folks at the UFC gave me a lil code that will let you BUY TICKETS BEFORE YOU CAN BUY THEM FOR REALZ. And here you go:

1. Go HERE to buy your tickets starting at 10am on Thurs., Feb. 16. P.S. this is only good until 10pm on Thurs., Feb. 16.

2. Enter Password — UFCVIP

3. Experience the glory that is Jon Jones, and hope that you can say you were there for the upset of the century when Rashad Evans wins.

Who knows, maybe you'll see something as legendary as THIIIIIIIIIIIS (which happened at Philips Arena the last time the UFC came for a visit.

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