Art Boxes artist: Amanda Hunter and Adam Pinney



Adam and Amanda are obviously the most awesome couple in Atlanta. They met while Adam was doing an off-color stand-up routine in front of a crowd of three rednecks at Twisted Taco. Amanda was smitten. Adam was drunk. The rest, as they say, is boring. They live and paint and sing in Midtown, and things couldn't be better.

Adam Pinney is the Multimedia and Graphic Artist at Dad's Garage Theatre in Atlanta. In addition to creating posters and promos for the theatre, he also does freelance work for various events and organizations, such as The Last Seen Improv Festival and Pretty Ambitious Records. Occasionally, he does prop design for feature films and television. Most recently, Adam showed work at the Star Wars inspired art show, Skywalk With Me at the Highlander.

Amanda Hunter is an aspiring artist, vocalist and improviser from Lilburn. Her stint as an elementary English teacher in Korea inspired her to find art in unlikely places, as exaggerated drawings of cheeseburgers, farm animals and old people turned out to be a valuable communication tool. She can be found temping as a product tester for Calphalon, archiving old reviews at Dad's Garage Theatre, and eyeing dog-owners enviously. Some of her work was included in Skywalk With Me, and she is extremely excited to be a part of this project.

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