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Black Dice: Mr. Impossible

Ribbon Music



Ten years after bursting onto the noise scene with the callous 'n' cataclysmic Beaches & Canyons, Brooklyn's Black Dice has finally and quite literally settled into the groove: Mr. Impossible is a bona fide dance record. Of course, it's the sort of terrified dance one might do while trapped in some apocalyptic otherworld, hellfire swirling. Mr. Impossible is jumpy, beat-laden, and jam-packed; its rhythms are reductions of entire histories, its negative space black hole-like, ready to consume. Though the record is the notoriously abstruse Black Dice's most accessible outing to date, it also ranks among the band's weirdest and most off-putting. Tracks like the bass-driven, diarrhea-soggy "Shithouse Drifter" all but dare the listener to catch the oil-slick groove, while "Carnitas" feels like an endless looping nightmare, the sound of a childhood pinball arcade as imagined by a sick and dying mind. Fun stuff, if you're a total fucking degenerate. (4 out of 5 stars)

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