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Bizarre crimes from Atlanta police reports


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A Collier Heights mom told police her son "all the sudden went crazy" when she asked him to put some socks on. Worth mentioning: Her son is 23. Apparently, the sock request triggered such fury that he pushed his mother, then "picked up the Christmas Tree and slammed it down." His sister jumped in to try to pull him off Mom, and the son reportedly went into the kitchen, grabbed a knife, held it up to his mother's face and said, "I'll kill both of you right now." And then — just like that — his holiday rage vanished. The son grabbed some wet clothes from the washing machine, got dressed, and walked out the door. Both Mom and Sis are just fine.

WILD SLEIGH RIDE: According to police, a 26-year-old drunk guy hijacked an ambulance — yes, with someone inside — on East Andrews Drive. Paramedics arrived to deal with a "person down." Right after they loaded their patient into the ambulance, the 26-year-old man allegedly shoved his way into the driver's seat, revved up the engine and sped away. While he was driving, the ambulance careened around a Roswell Road corner, rode up onto a sidewalk and hit a pedestrian. Finally, medics convinced the wild driver to pull over on Wieuca Road. (The pedestrian is in stable condition and the patient in the ambulance is just fine.) The 26-year-old faces a slew of charges, including kidnapping, interfering with government property, hit and run, and reckless driving.

SHOPPING SHOWDOWN: At the Atlantic Station Target, things got a little tense when a shopper confronted store employees. Apparently, the female patron was furious about a pricing discrepancy — she believed the item should be much cheaper. The shopper reportedly threatened an employee by saying, "I'll kick your red-headed bitch-ass down the escalator." The shopper fled before police arrived.

TOY STORY: A woman said someone broke into her apartment on Mt. Zion Road and raided the closet where she'd hidden almost $800 worth of Christmas toys she bought for her kids. Missing toys include a Barbie Kitchen, Baby Alive Super Pack, Let's Rock Elmo Drum Set, a Sesame Street toddler helmet, a Harley scooter, a toy drum set — and a "Home-Cleaning Trolley" for her little motel-maid-in-training.

RED LIGHT, GREEN LIGHT: A 29-year-old woman embarked on a bold experiment to reverse the meaning of traffic lights. Police reportedly spotted the woman erratically driving a green Ford Explorer in Midtown, coming to a complete stop at every green light and driving right through red lights. (It was about 1:40 a.m.) Police pulled her over for a chat. Turns out, her driver's license is both expired and suspended. (Maybe she's tried this experiment before?) She went to jail.

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.


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