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Bizarre crimes from Atlanta police reports

A hellish date, a man's dirty laundry and more



A man was in his garage when he discovered that there was a stranger lying on the grass in his front yard. Perhaps dissatisfied with the accommodations outdoors, the strange man allegedly tried to open the back door of the house — to no avail — and then helped himself to some water (from where, the report doesn't say). In a bizarre finale, the stranger apparently proceeded to spray down the homeowner's bushes with some bug spray he found. Beyond pest control, the guy might've had more nefarious intentions — when police showed up and searched him, he had a yellow screwdriver in his pocket. They arrested him for attempted burglary and having tools to commit a crime.

POWDER TRIP: At around 5 a.m., police saw a white Honda Civic going the wrong way on a one-way street (Courtland Street, near Edgewood Avenue). An officer stopped the car and spoke with the driver, a 27-year-old man from Conyers. He "had white powder around his mouth and could not focus on the subject at hand," the officer wrote. Plus, the Conyers man couldn't explain what he was doing on the road or where he was going, and didn't have a driver's license on him. Police found a bag of suspected crack cocaine in the car, and the man with the white-powdered mouth went to jail.

CRAZY, IN DEED: On Hampton Street, a man — who presumably pissed someone off — said he returned to his apartment around 2:30 a.m., and found Krazy Glue smeared in his front-door lock. He also found a shotgun shell and some 9-milimeter rounds next to the entryway. Police don't have any suspects.

THE EX FACTOR: A 32-year-old woman told police she thinks her ex-boyfriend broke into her Cabbagetown home and yoinked her flat-screen TV and computer. Besides a thief, the woman also claims he's a pill addict who gets drugs from his grandma. Despite his charms, she told the cops she recently kicked him out and got a restraining order. The kicker: According to the woman's sister, the ex-boyfriend "changed his Facebook status to 'guilty.'" Single women beware: The ex-boyfriend reportedly has black hair, blue eyes and tattoos on both arms.

STRIKE OUT: An officer was patrolling Turner Field when he got a call about a suspicious package in front of the Bullpen restaurant. The officer rushed to the restaurant and was pointed toward a red suitcase propped up against the restaurant's front wall, which looked suspiciously similar to one a local homeless guy totes around. The officer wrote, "I also observed some clothing, white in color, hanging out of the partially opened zipper near the bottom of the bag," the officer wrote. "I then turned down my radio and listened to the package and did not hear any noise coming from inside. I also smelled the package and did not smell anything suspicious, except a foul odor of dirty clothing." The officer asked everyone to clear the area, gingerly unzipped the suitcase and, sure enough, it was full of dirty men's clothes.

ONE HELLISH DATE: Another Internet dating cautionary tale. A 33-year-old man met a guy online, and after communicating for about a month, the two lovebirds decided to meet in person. Apparently, on their first date, they went out to dinner and then to a motel notorious for sex on Cheshire Bridge Road. The man said he passed out in the room and when he woke up, his date was gone — and so was his ATM card. He checked his bank account and $400 was already missing.

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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