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Bizarre crimes from Atlanta police reports



NAKED PEOPLE, PART 1: An officer dealt with a call about a suspicious truck parked in the driveway of a vacant property on Lookout Avenue. When the officer arrived, he noticed a man and woman "were completely naked, passed out in the truck, and they had three empty bags of cocaine in the vehicle with them," he wrote. The man, 40, and the woman, 43, went to jail on a public indecency charge. The truck, a 1994 white Mazda B23, was impounded.

NAKED PEOPLE, PART 2: One Tuesday around 2 p.m., a completely nude man allegedly walked into a Blockbuster on Ponce de Leon Avenue. Apparently, the nude man fled before police arrived. But the nude man would return. The following Tuesday around 2 p.m., the same nude man walked into the same Blockbuster store. A witness identified him. Police charged the 31-year-old man with indecent exposure and took him to jail. An officer wrote, "When I asked [the man] why he was nude in the store, he stated that it was because 'white people piss him off.'"

SKIMPY DRESSER: An officer got a call about a slim, bearded man wearing only his underwear at a Krystal restaurant on 14th Street. A few minutes later, the officer saw the man walking across Hemphill Avenue. The officer recognized him as a homeless man who hangs out in Home Park, and the officer stopped to talk with him. According to the officer, the man hit him and ran north on Curran Street. Two officers ran after him, but they lost sight of him near a home. The officers kept looking and just when they were about to give up and leave, another man walked up and said that the suspect had climbed onto his roof to avoid police. The reporting officer wrote, "I was able to get onto the roof and discovered the subject hiding under leaves on top of the roof." The Atlanta Fire Department arrived to help get the man down from the roof.

The man, 27, was charged with public indecency, trespassing, prowling and obstructing police.

DRINKIN' AND KNOCKIN': On Auburn Avenue, a 32-year-old woman said a drunk woman started knocking on her apartment door very hard and refused to leave. (It was about 11:30 p.m. on a Wednesday night.) The 32-year-old woman said she opened the door and the drunk woman yelled, "You need to mind your own business and stop mocking me through the walls." Then the drunk woman reportedly left with another woman wearing pink clothes. Also, the woman in pink clothing said to ignore her friend.

The 32-year-old woman said she never met the drunk woman before, and she doesn't know whether the drunk woman lives in the same apartment building.

NEED PROTECTION FROM YOURSELF? At another apartment on Auburn Avenue, a 65-year-old woman said she put her Cobra gun on her bed while she was getting dressed. The woman said she accidentally knocked the gun off the bed and onto the floor. "As it hit the floor, the firearm went off, and [the woman] was struck in her left calf," an officer wrote. Medics arrived and treated the woman. Medics said the bullet was a "through and through" -- meaning the bullet had traveled through her leg and was not lodged inside. The officer looked around the apartment, but could not find a bullet. The woman went to Grady Memorial Hospital in stable condition. The officer checked with her neighbors, who said they were asleep and didn't hear anything.

PLANNING A SCENTED SÉANCE? The manager of a CVS Pharmacy flagged down a police officer on Moreland Avenue. The manager said a man wearing all blue had stolen several items, and the man was running down Eastland Road. The officer chased after the man, who reportedly took off his blue shirt while running. The officer tracked him down to a parking lot and took him to the ground. The officer found 19 bottles of Air Wick scented candles and oils inside the man's pants. The officer returned the man and the stolen items to the CVS, where the manager positively identified him. The scented oils are worth $94. The man, 31, went to jail on a shoplifting charge.

X FILES EXTRAORDINAIRE: A 44-year-old woman said her ex-girlfriend, 21, showed up at her house on Richmond Circle around midnight. She said the ex-girlfriend got jealous because she her talking on the phone with another woman. She said she tried to close the door on her ex-girlfriend, but the ex-girlfriend kicked open the door. She said the argument continued, and her ex-girlfriend hit her in the face. (The woman had a small cut under her eye but refused medical attention.) The woman said her ex-girlfriend was with her ex-fiance (a 57-year-old man), but he was not involved in the argument. The woman said her ex-fiance tries to play peacekeeper between her and her ex-girlfriend. Apparently, both exes left in a black Buick Riviera before police arrived.

NO ONE WILL NOTICE THIS: At a grocery store on Ponce de Leon Avenue, a 41-year-old man allegedly concealed a 5-liter keg of beer in his personal backpack and tried to leave the store without paying. A security guard stopped the man after he walked out of the store with the beer keg (worth $21.59). The man went to jail on a shoplifting charge.

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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