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Bizarre crimes from Atlanta police reports



SANTA'S SNACKTIME? A 22-year-old woman said she returned from a weekend getaway and realized someone had been inside her apartment on New Town Circle. The suspect(s) reportedly broke a rear window to get inside. "It appears that they sat on [the woman's] couch and ate several of her Hot Pockets and Chips Ahoy cookies," an officer wrote. According to the police report, 12 cheese Hot Pockets were gone, along with five packs of Chips Ahoy cookies. Nothing else was reported stolen.

SANTA'S EARLY ROOFTOP VISIT? Around 5 a.m., a female officer responded to an alarm at an elementary school on Peachtree Battle Avenue. She said she saw a white pickup truck in the school parking lot. She also saw a ladder leaning against the school -- and a man on the school's roof. She ordered the man to come down. After the 73-year-old man came down from the roof, he apparently tried to explain to police why he was there. "[He] said he works for DNR and is contracted out by Homeland Security to do some type of environmental testing," an officer wrote. "He said he was supposed to take testing samples to a lab in DeKalb County. [The man] had no paperwork showing why he was at the school, but said his company has been doing this type of work on the elementary school for the past five years." Police talked to school detectives, who had never heard of the man or the environmental testing. Police asked the 73-year-old man to leave the school property until they got more info.

HOLIDAYS ON ICE: A 27-year-old woman said she took a taxicab home from a bar/music club in Virginia-Highland. She said she was intoxicated in the cab and she can't remember everything, but she remembers the cab driver yelling at her and reaching into her purse for his cab fare. She said she woke up around 5:30 a.m., and read an email from her bank about unusual activities on her ATM card. She said she checked her purse and realized her debit card and $50 cash were missing. She said there were two fraudulent charges on her debit card.

ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS MOMMY'S ATTENTION: An officer responded to a fight between mother and son on Pine Oak Drive. The mother said when she came home, her son yelled at her. The mother said she threatened to call police and her son said go ahead, then poured gasoline all over her car while holding a lit cigarette in his hand, threatening to set her car on fire. The officer found a large red gas can on the scene. The son was charged with attempting arson. "[He] uttered in the back of my patrol car that he did it to get his mother's attention," the officer wrote. The son is 40 years old.

DOGGIE-STYLE? A 29-year-old woman said she walked out of a grocery store and found dog food smeared on the windshield and door of her car. She said she had accidentally cut off another driver, when she entered the parking lot of a grocery store on Headland Drive. She said the other driver got mad and called her a "stupid bitch." She said the man drove a silver SUV.

LOOSE SOCKET? A man reportedly tried to sell socks inside a Burger King on Broad Street. The security guard said the man got a trespassing warning after the alleged sock caper, then he left. The man reportedly returned to the Burger King the very next day and argued with the security guard -- and then left and returned 45 minutes later. Police charged the 52-year-old man for criminal trespassing and took him to jail.

CATFIGHT! On Rockwell Avenue, a 30-year-old woman said she got into a fight with another woman named China Doll. She said China Doll came over to see a man who lives there and they argued over the man. She admitted she acted violent with China Doll. The 30-year-old woman was arrested for disorderly conduct. Apparently, China Doll left before police arrived.

JITTERY TRAVELER: At Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, two airline employees said a man walked up to the ticket counter and asked how much it would cost to buy a ticket to Tel Aviv. The price is $3,000, the employees said. The man reportedly asked suspicious questions, while they prepared his ticket and charged it on his credit card. "[He] asked the agents what type of plane was it that flew into the World Trade Center. Will I be flying on one of those planes?" an officer wrote. "Upon completion of the ticket, he stated they are trying to set me up. While acting very nervous, he left the counter, leaving his passport and airline ticket on the counter." Police issued a lookout for the 26-year-old man. Airline employees said they would notify police if the man came back to claim his stuff.

TRAVEL SNAFU: A 51-year-old woman from Cape Coral, Fla., said her daughter picked her up at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. They said someone kept blowing a car horn at them, while they left the south parking lot. Later, the daughter realized her mother's purse was on top of the car when they drove away -- and it had fallen off. They returned to the parking lot and searched for the purse -- no luck. The black leather purse contained $400 cash, two ATM cards, the mother's Social Security card, birth certificate and her plane ticket.

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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