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Life is full of ironies, and Blair Crimmins, lead singer of local rock group Bishop Don, is proof. In the middle of recording the band's second CD, Crimmins wound up in the hospital after a skateboarding accident, bed-bound with a cracked skull. Here's the ironic part: The forthcoming release had been dubbed That Should Heal Nicely. Crimmins' misfortune, foreshadowed by the title, gave bassist Jesse Cole, drummer Cliff Losee and keyboardist Brent Sandel a chuckle. "That's the first thing I remember, waking up four days later and everybody laughing," Crimmins says.

Crimmins was out of the hospital a week later and finished recording sans hearing in his right ear. Inside a month, Crimmins was healed, and Bishop Don was back on stage. Since the album release, life in the band has been a string of victories: playing on "Good Day Atlanta," gigging at increasingly larger venues and hearing its songs on 99X.

When Losee and Crimmins went to a concert in Buckhead last summer, they knew 99X had Bishop Don on the playlist. When the time came, the two ran out to their truck and cranked up the radio. "We were basically flipping out," says Losee, who can't help smiling when ads for the band's upcoming show at Smith's Olde Bar hit the airwaves. "I get all giddy when I hear them say that."

The four are still deep in negotiations about what exactly will go on at the red-carpet-themed show at Smith's, but arrangements are being made to deck the venue out Hollywood-style. Look for a party complete with movie projections, band members in costumes and the group playing both electric and acoustic numbers.

Bishop Don and the Minor Kings play Smith's Olde Bar Sat., Oct. 20, 8 p.m. $10. 404-875-1522.

To hear "Not the Only One" from That Should Heal Nicely, click here.

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