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The biscuit is a simple combination of a few basic ingredients, but it has the ability to instantly make you feel at home. Since this is the South, biscuits are a topic as fiercely debated as fried chicken and barbecue. But why spend precious time arguing when you could be eating?

OK Café: Colorful folk art, friendly servers in retro diner costumes and consistently good comfort food keep this funky restaurant packed with loyal customers year after year. Buttermilk biscuits have a golden crust and creamy center just soft enough without being gummy. A paltry sum gets you an order of two massive biscuits best enjoyed at the counter, where you can watch the cooks deftly work the grill. 1284 W. Paces Ferry Road. 404-233-2888.

Pastries a Go Go: This Decatur eatery serves a variety of stellar dishes, but its biscuits earn it the awards. The "cathead" biscuits are packed with fluffy layers and are slightly sweet from the sweet creamery butter and a pinch of sugar. If you're short on time, you can grab a biscuit filled with bacon and eggs for a portable meal that might make you think twice before hitting that drive-thru. 235 Ponce de Leon Place, Suite E. 404-373-3423.

Silver Skillet: A family-run establishment since 1967, Silver Skillet makes its biscuits with a recipe passed down from the owner's grandmother. The kitchen cuts the dough with a Libby's Corned Beef Hash can and bastes the hot treats with melted margarine right out of the oven. The result is a crumbly biscuit with a crisp exterior that you can savor while scanning the quirky clippings covering the walls of the old-school digs. 200 14th St. 404-874-1388.


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