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Big Boi's organic creations

The ATLien talks about his quest for originality, collaboration, and Stankonia's bowling team



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It's always Dungeon Family for life, you know? I always work with Organized Noize on every record. You got Killer Mike, you got Sleepy Brown on this record all day long. ... The Family is so spread out, you have Cee Lo Green who's in L.A. and you got Dre who's off shooting a movie and things like that, so it's who comes by the studio. It just naturally happens. It's Dungeon Family for life, I could never distance myself from the Family, all you got is your family.

I didn't mean ditching your family, but you're talking about this driving factor of not making the same thing twice.

No, I dig that, but I mean, it's a different type of record. If it calls for it, they can be on it. But Vicious Lies sounds totally different than what we've done before.

How important is it for you, as the whole Family grows and continues their separate ways, to help promote Killer Mike like you've done or everyone else's music that isn't as big as you?

It's definitely important to work together. Killer Mike was just at my house last night. ... He was coming around and hanging out. That's how we made "Tom Pettie" with Little Dragon — he was around the studio the time we were recording. To anybody in the Family that's keeping the sound going and that just wants to work, man I'm here. My door is always open if anyone wants to come through and jam.

Obviously a lot of rumored collaborators made the final record, but what happened with Kate Bush? Did anything ever come to light with that?

Actually, I sent Kate Bush "Tremendous Damage" and another song called "Green Grass," which was probably going to be on my next album. She loves them, and we're just waiting for a chance to go to London and have a sit down with her and have crumpets and tea so we can kind of get more familiar with each other. Hopefully in the near future that can happen — we're just looking for that little tea date.

Are there any others artists out there that you still haven't worked with that you would like to, besides Kate?

Shit, only Kate. Only Kate.

Recently, there was a video posted of you bowling with Little Dragon. Who's the best bowler out of the group?

I am, of course [laughs]. You know I got the highest average on the bowling team. We bowl in the league every Wednesday. That's one thing I do to feel camaraderie among the people, the engineers, and the producers. We have to respect the bowling team, and so once we're working on a project or in between two days or whatever. We always bowl, and that just builds a team spirit.

What does Big Boi bowl on average? Over 200?

About a 180.

180, That's not bad.

I got my own ball and my own shoes. I ain't too savvy, you know, but I do a little something, something.

What are some of your favorite records this year, besides from artists that you worked with on your record?

"All Gold Everything" [off of Don't Be S.A.F.E.] - anything that Trinidad James did, loved that. But one of my favorite albums out this year is Mumford & Sons' Babel. I loved that album.

Really? Were you a fan of the last album, Sigh No More? What about them appeals to you?

Definitely, the first album was my jam actually. I can remember the first time me hearing the whole album, my grandmother who gave me the title [for [Vicious Lies] in my car. We were in a funeral procession and I was listening to the Sigh No More record and like it just kind of blew me away. So definitely when Babel came out, I went and got that.

I actually ran into Mumford & Sons at Glastonbury. I was trying to get some work done, and you know in the near future, who knows?

Last question for you — I know you tweet about the Falcons a lot. What are your expectations for the Falcons moving forward?

As long as they play in the A, in the Dome, they can get us all the way to the Super Bowl. You can't help but score touchdowns, catch passes, and run 10 yards for a first down ... every time they hear that record playing, you know. We sent the music to the Dome and to Philips Arena for the Hawks, too, so hopefully we get a couple winning seasons out of this music.

I hope that happens. Who's your favorite player, out of curiosity?

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