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AHOP (African House Of Peace)

840 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd.
From the bamboo and tribal-mask-lined lobby to the Egyptian icons that flank the stage, the African House of Peace (or AHOP, as it's better known) is a unique encampment in Atlanta's West End. Located at the end of an alley marked only by a small sign on Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard, AHOP serves primarily as a community theater/empowerment center. But the hot little room also has hopped to some major touring acts like KRS-One, who managed to blow up the place (literally and figuratively: his strong voice and street beats were a heavy load for the sound system). Whether hanging around AHOP for a musical act or to learn African dance and/or martial arts, you're in for an enlightening time, and maybe even a home-cooked meal (vegetarian dishes are sometimes on sale).

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