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The World of Coca-Cola

55 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive


Considering Coca-Cola's vast philan-thropic endowments, billion-dollar empire and local support (try to find a Pepsi at the opera), why is the World of Coke such a disaster? The museum is a cheesy commercialized walk through time, complete with an old-fashioned soda shoppe and futuristic Coke dispenser (flashing lights included). Intended to be an educational and fun history of the popular soft drink, the museum is filled with tacky memorabilia fit for a roadside antique shop, and a gift shop larger than the exhibit itself. The best part of the museum is the taste room, where you can sample Coke from other countries (American Coke contains the most sugar) and, like the rest of the experience, leave with nothing but a bad taste in your mouth. Take our advice: Buy a six-pack and sleep in an extra hour.

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