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Best Sports Anchor

Steve Taylor


Channel 46 WGCL

It's hard to tell which sports anchor is most knowledgeable about sports. Most of the time they're simply reading scores and reports, and introducing reporters. The real question for sports anchors is: Which one makes you feel as if he (or she) is the one you'd want to watch the game with? Steve Taylor's been in Atlanta for 12 years, so he knows the players and teams around town. He's a competent score reader, seldom stumbling over his words. But, mostly, Taylor's smooth delivery is matched by a cheerful demeanor that's almost contagious. That's particularly evident in his "Taylor Made Moment in Sports, which is delivered with the unassuming (but not overbearing) enthusiasm of a guy who seems as if he really wanted to show you that clip because he figures you're the kind of sports nut who would appreciate it as much as he did.

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