Best Sign Atlanta Isn't like L.A.

Or are we...?

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Maybe we should start with the things that are similar. Smog. Check. Traffic. Double-check. Self-absorbed stars. Check. L.A. is surrounded by ocean and desert, but political junkies describe Atlanta as a blue island surrounded by an ocean of red. So a check for that one, too — kind of. Rodeo Drive, Lenox Square. Check. Endless sprawl. Check. Hispanic laborers. Check (the one difference is that L.A. Latinos already have plenty of political power, while Atlanta Latinos are about to get power). Hollywood studios, hip-hop studios. Check. Malibu, Duluth. Check. Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson. Check. Mel Gibson, Dallas Austin. Check. Courtney, Whitney. Check. Kobe Bryant, Michael Vick. Check. OK. Enough already. Yes, come to think of it, we have become L.A. ... with more rain.

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