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Best Show By Visiting Artists

The Buy-Sellf: Lick the Window show at ATLANTA COLLEGE OF ART GALLERY by the smarty-britches 80-member Bordeaux, France, art collective Buy Sellf offered a dose of what Atlanta sorely needs: an anti-corporate, anti-group-think kick in the pants. Lampooning our slavish devotion to a vacuous global culture of blockbuster movies and video games, the Buy Sellf work ridiculed the association of Marlboro cigarette ads with the freedom and natural beauty of the West or showed the lockstep behavior of people in public spaces. A highly entertaining show featuring some deliciously silly, prankish and smart work, the show was like some cross-eyed love child of the avant-garde and pop culture, Dada and "America's Funniest Home Videos."

1280 Peachtree St., 404-733-5050. www.aca.edu

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