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Best Rock Radio Show

Let those breast-obsessed jock straps and the "new" rock zombies have their day, but the prize for Best Rock Radio show goes to WRAS' RADIO BIRDMAN show. Host Mal Murray has flown weekly on the Georgia State University station since February '99, but Murray, 44, has been involved in Atlanta's music scene for years, as a roadie, booking agent and even freelance rock journalist. The Birdman's playlist is a delight, a cornucopia of local and international music from both Murray's own and WRAS' vast collection. The Birdman feeds on a cool diet of choice cuts from local favorites like the Swimming Pool Q's, the Roys and the Heathen Girls. It's not unusual to hear forgotten classics by Let's Active, Frank Zappa, Nick Lowe and Black Sabbath played back to back. Every Saturday 11 a.m. WRAS 88.5 FM. www.gsu.edu/%7Ewww885/2001/index.html.

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