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Best Redneck Bar

Jake's Roadhouse

2272 Lawrenceville Highway

404-633-4111 http://www.jakesroadhouse.net
This award may be a bit galling for a dedicated big-city sophisticate like Jake, whose broad New York accent cuts through the drawling hubbub of his clientele like a crow squawking down a gaggle of starlings. Nonetheless, the customary Lynyrd Skynyrd/muddy pickup/longneck PBR crowds that he inherited upon moving into this longtime blue-collar bar location now coexist with the bluesers who drop in to catch the live acts that Jake -- a one-time Blind Willie's barkeep -- has been booking for the past several months. The result is a sometimes jarring mix of pool-shooting, Skoal Bandit-chewing working stiffs rubbing tattooed shoulders with pale-faced, shade-sporting alley cats. But everybody seems happy enough just gettin' along.

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