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Best Reason to Take MARTA

You like to get nowhere fast and pay a lot for it

Though MARTA seemed to come in handy last June when that tanker crashed and burned on I-285, which shut down multiple lanes for weeks, we really have no proof that those people didn't just stay home until the lanes re-opened. Some MARTA riders said there seemed to be a slight increase in passengers during that period, but mainly the best reason to take MARTA is because you like to get nowhere fast and pay a lot for it. Think it's gonna be easier taking MARTA to a Thrashers game or an On the Bricks concert? Think you're going to avoid the $10-$15 parking fee by being smarta? Here's a news flash. We assume you have friends, so there's at least you plus one. It costs $1.75 to ride MARTA one way. So there and back for two people comes out to $7. $7 for a lot of waiting around in places that don't smell good, for trains that don't come often. Thank you very much, but we'll spring for parking. Lesson learned: It takes a conflagration to get Atlantans on public transportation.

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