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When I Was Eight cocktail at Proof and Provision

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Sometimes a cocktail's name is so off-the-wall high-concept that you've just got to order it, even when you suspect you won't want to finish it. And When I Was Eight at Proof and Provision sounds like just such an irresistible novelty. Charmingly topped with a few colorful Froot Loops, it looks and tastes just like the bottom-of-the-bowl cereal milk you gleefully slurped as a child - if your mom spiked it with high-test vodka. But, rather than create a three-sip gimmick, bartender Nate Shuman has somehow found a way - with the aid of oat grain vodka, orange and elderflower liqueurs, orange bitters, plus cream - to replicate a comforting taste of nostalgia and deliver a creamy, end-of-the-evening dessert cocktail you'll want to savor.

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