Best Reason Atlanta Should Secede From Georgia

Liquor laws and various other human rights infringements

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It’s just like the Georgia Legislature to beat us while we’re down – struggling with absurd traffic and perpetual sprawl, and gasping for the air we breathe thanks to the pollution-laden belches coming from Georgia Power – then to deny us the ability to buy a 12-pack on the day of the Lord. This year, some of the losing battles under the Gold Dome ended with cuts in indigent-defense funding and the perpetuation of the Sunday blue laws, to name a few. Frankly, we’re sick and tired of Georgia’s LIQUOR LAWS AND VARIOUS OTHER HUMAN-RIGHTS INFRINGEMENTS. We remain in the dwindling ranks of Connecticut and Indiana to create a lonely trifecta of states that cling to the silly, old-fashioned notion that we shouldn’t drink on the Sabbath, even though with Georgia’s leadership, we need a stiff drink just to keep from getting the shakes. Here’s an idea: Don’t force your religion on us – and we’ll try not to spill our beer on you.

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