Best Radio Oasis from Red-State Insanity

WABE-FM 90.1

Staff Pick

Some parts of the country only have to contend with right-wing, know-nothing blowhards dominating their radios. In Georgia, know-nothing blowhards don’t just dominate the radio, they dominate our politics. That’s why WABE-FM (90.1) is such a treasure. In a desert of loudmouths, it’s an oasis of thoughtfulness and quiet sanity. NPR’s “Morning Edition” and “All Things Considered,” as well as PRI’s “The World,” air locally on WABE, and are far and away the best broadcast news programs available in our city. And such talk shows as “Fresh Air” and “This American Life” are cultural lifelines, reminding us daily that there are parts of America where people don’t turn the bumpers of their cars into shrines for dead NASCAR drivers.

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