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Best Radio DJ

Steve Craig

99X 99.7 WNNX-FM

Even as 99X continues to knock off its best and brightest DJs (anyone remember Sean Demry?) and replace them with annoying rock jocks (yes, Toucher, that's you), one mainstay has stayed in the saddle and continued to entertain and educate the listening public. Steve probably is most known as the host of the afternoon "Duplex of Retro Pleasure where he wows the '80s worshippers with his knowledge of obscure bands, often selecting the exact track from a few hummed musical notes. But Steve also is a major force in helping local talent get heard on the station with such acts as Collective Soul, Shawn Mullins, Angie Aparo and Marvelous Three all getting an extra shove from his direction on his "Locals Only show, now available on demand on the station's website. As the resident musicologist and man who doesn't try to annoy, hopefully he won't be the next to go the way of the music trends.

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