Best pre-hangover padding

the late-night ramen at Miso Izakaya

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Conveniently located just up the road from Edgewood Avenue's nightlife row, the late-night ramen at Miso Izakaya provides everything your inebriated heart ... well, guts ... could desire. Served only after 10 p.m., Miso's ramen offers a broth milky with porcine goodness, a generous strip of crispy, melty pork belly, an egg with a runny center, just enough crinkly, chewy noodles, and somewhat odd but somehow perfect pops of sweet corn kernels. The warm, steaming elixir just begs for you to stick your drunken face in it and slurp away. For dessert, we recommend one of Miso's sticky/sweet/salty crispy duck buns, also served as part of the limited late-night menu. Noodles, broth, crispy duck, two aspirin, a glass of water and you'll be spry as a bunny in the morning. 619 Edgewood Ave. 678-701-0128.

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