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Best Politician Going out to Pasture

He was one of two Senate Democrats we can thank for helping push through Bush's tax-cut scheme, putting a generation in hock to benefit his wealthy pals. He voted in favor of raping the Alaskan wilderness for its oil. He was one of the biggest backers of W's call to put an unprovoked hurting on Iraq, an adventure founded on lies that is now becoming a Hummer-sized fiasco. And he actually boasts that he has supported each and every one of the right-fringe troglodytes the president has tried to appoint to the federal bench. Yes, following ZELL MILLER's Senate career the past three years has been a little like watching a slow-motion train wreck. It turns out that the gruff, no-nonsense ex-Marine whom we thought made a pretty decent governor was actually a conservative warmonger whose idea of being his own man means doing exactly what Bush wants him to. No surprise that when you type in www.zellmiller.com online, up pops a site paid for by the Georgia Republican party.


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