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Best Place to Spot Celebrities

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The logic is simple: Celebrities wear sunglasses, so you'll find celebrities at the sunglass shop. And in Atlanta, there's no better place for stargazing than at the SUNGLASS HUT OF LENOX SQUARE. Best bet? Weekday mornings when the crowds are slim. Employees are used to the hard-to-place face (or height) of a basketball or football player, as well as familiar ones like Derek Jeter looking for their Prada or Versace. But on occasion there's also a list of sundry other part-time Atlantans like T-Boz or Chili from TLC or OutKast's Andre and Big Boi. Even if she doesn't make it inside the store, you may see Destiny Child's Beyonce just window shopping.

3393 Peachtree Road. 404-237-0931. www.sunglasshut.com.


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