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Best Place to Pontificate While You Defecate

Not since Hitler's book bonfires has the world seen a crackdown on expression like the Atlanta City Council's Gestapoesque crackdown on graffiti this summer. But a few safe havens remain despite the purging, and the GRAVITY PUB'S MEN'S HEAD is keeping up the fight with gems such as, "Videotaping this crime spree was the best idea we ever had." The walls are covered with the funny, the inexplicable and the creepy, as in "Murder is hard to explain," which is written backward above the door. Then there is the classic (and still posted above the toilet after three years): "Ah, Lou. Why are all the pretty ones insane? I don't know, but it's true dude."

1257 Glenwood Ave., 404-627-5555.

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