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Best Place to Hear Gen-u-ine Old-Time Blues from Legit, Historic-Type Out-of-Town Acts (and Locals Too)

Back in the late-'80s, blues fans could choose from the now-defunct Blues Harbor or BLIND WILLIE'S. The latter opened in 1986 with a commitment to putting genuine blues and folk artists before Atlanta audiences. Seventeen years later, there are countless blues venues in Atlanta and the 'burbs, but none has approached Blind Willie's ability to consistently book the best club-level blues musicians in the world. The club has been a haven for local blues artists, too, such as current performers Luther "Houserocker" Johnson, Lotsa Poppa and now deceased artists such as Grady "Fats" Jackson, Roy Dunn and many more.

828 N. Highland Ave., 404-873-2583.

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