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Best Place to Find Vice Magazine

Have you been hunting high and low for that most unholy of unholy magazines? No luck? That's the trouble with free mags that rock. They're snatched up as fast as pills accidentally spilling out of your pocket onto the dance floor. Even at the clothing store WISH, the most reliable purveyor of Vice magazine we could find, there's a slim chance you'll actually snag a copy. Word has it the shipment usually lasts less than a day on the rack. Well, what do you expect from a magazine with feature stories about bands that suck, machines that fuck, geriatric techno and guides for giving oral sex -- separate ones for him and her, no less. It's enough to make you want to cough up $30 and subscribe to something you're technically not supposed to pay for.

447 Moreland Ave., 404-880-0402.

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