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Best Place to Find a Native Atlantan

When it comes to locales south of the Mason-Dixon line, Atlanta is the place where ambitious small-town Southerners, Northern transplants and immigrants from all over the world come to start their lives anew. It's easier to find someone from Pakistan or New Jersey than a native Atlantan. So where in this city of 4 million do you find one? For a sure bet, there's always OAKLAND CEMETERY, the final resting place for many of the city's native-born movers and shakers, as well as regular Joes like you and me. Among the notables interred in this 88-acre cemetery are Gone with the Wind author Margaret Mitchell, golfer Bobby Jones, historian Franklin Garrett, department store founders Morris and Emanuel Rich and Morris Brown College founder Bishop Wesley John Gaines. Though they weren't all born here, their contributions to the city warrant them, at the very least, honorary status as native Atlantans.

248 Oakland Ave. 404-688-2107. www.oaklandcemetery.com.

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