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Best Place for a Ceremonious Dumping

Does he make so much noise when he slurps his cereal that you're thinking about boiling his bunny? Does her laugh grate on your nerves like the water in Chinese water torture? Then it's off to karaoke you go! Or, more specifically, to METAL-SOME MONDAYS at 10 High. The club puts a full band on stage, sans singer; you pick from a repertoire of metal faves and take the mic, then let the breaking up begin. Perhaps the lover you just dropped will opt for a little Metallica, singing: "Hold my breath as I wish for death/Oh please God wake me." In a grand finale, AC/DC style, you can 'fess up to your misdeeds with a rendition of "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap." Then you both can get really wasted, hook up with strangers and vow never see each other again.

816 N. Highland Ave., 404-873-3607. www.tenhighclub.com

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