Best Person You Love to Hate

Neal Boortz

Staff Pick

Well, if it isn’t our own John Sugg, then it has to be Atlanta’s contribution to big-league talk radio, NEAL BOORTZ. Whether Boortz is trumpeting his Flat Earth Society views on global warming (yeah, sure, Neal, it isn’t happening), frothing up generalized hatred against Muslims, or demagogue-ing the idea of a national sales tax to rip off middle-class Americans, he’s still an essential listen ... if only to know what the other side is thinking. We’ll at least give Boortz points for his willingness to tackle sacred cows and to bandy about big ideas — no matter how wrongheaded he is about them. Unlike most talk-radio blowhards, he’s had an impact on at least one policy debate by doggedly advocating the sales tax (which he incongruously calls “Fair Tax”). Besides, if we couldn’t hear this particular Cox Enterprises employee bloviating each morning on AM radio, our blood pressure might drop to an unhealthy level.

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