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Atlanta police confront naked shopping, Hilarey Clinton and violent baptisms



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GETTING CLEAN ON PONCE: A woman allegedly refused to leave a hotel on Ponce de Leon Avenue. The front-desk manager said it was the last day the woman was allowed to stay in her hotel room, according to a paid contract with a community group — but the woman said she would leave the next day, on her own time. "[She] stated she was not leaving because she had cleaned the entire room, and scrubbed the bathroom with bleach," a police officer wrote. "While I was attempting to get the facts straight, [the woman] was continuously calling everyone 'Satan worshippers' and stating that she is our 'superior' and I was going to be a 'Satanist' if I listened to what they said."

Also, the woman said she was not leaving until she took a shower. The officer wrote, "I was standing in front of the bathroom door and advised her that she was not going to be able to take the shower and she must leave." The woman replied, "I am not leaving until I take a fucking shower!"

The officer said she would have to go through him to get to the shower. "[She] then charged at me, causing me to tackle her to the ground." After a struggle, the woman was arrested and went to jail. Her belongings included eight bottles of prescription medicine and two black purses.

WISHFUL THINKING: An officer saw a man on the Freedom Parkway ramp to I-75/85. The man reportedly was walking back and forth, asking for money from drivers. As the officer circled around, the man moved to the Ellis Street ramp. "[He] had previously fled from me into the Auburn Avenue area, so I snuck up behind him and took him into custody," the officer wrote. "[The man] said I must be following him and that his uncle in the FBI was watching traffic cameras in the area, so once Mayor Shirley Franklin was fired for 'taking that money' all the police would be fired and they would close the jail." The officer arrested the 49-year-old man and he "was transported to jail, which remains open."

FAME GAME: A 24-year-old man said he met a woman on Spring Street who claimed she works for Tyler Perry Studios and could help him get casting calls and feature roles in any Tyler Perry movie and get him into the union. He said the woman requested $175 in exchange for her help. He said he gave her $175 in early July. Then, he told his friend about the offer, and his friend gave her $175 in mid-July. Both men say the woman hasn't helped them at all. (Both men walked into an Atlanta police precinct to report alleged fraud.) An officer wrote: "Every time they get in contact with [her], she tells them things will start happening in two weeks."

MAD ATL TAXPAYER: A 33-year-old man said he was riding his bike home when he noticed four City of Atlanta Public Works employees standing outside their cars. The man said the employees were just standing around and not working "hard enough," so he took out his video camera and started to record them "not working on city time," the officer wrote. The man said while he recorded the employees standing around their cars, he was taunted to "turn off that camera, you white cracker." The man said one employee threatened to hit him over the head with a camera if he didn't turn off his camera. The man said more words were exchanged and the employees left in their cars. The officer wrote, "I asked [the man] why did he feel the need to record the city workers and he stated that he just got his tax bill and felt that his tax money was being wasted."

Say what? Strangest quotes

HIDDEN TALENTS: "I had a sex change, look I cut it off," said a 21-year-old man who pulled up his skirt and allegedly solicited an undercover officer at 4th and West Peachtree streets. But that wasn't his opening line. Earlier, the man reportedly asked, "Do you want your dick sucked?" The undercover officer later wrote: "I then told him I was looking for a girl and had never did anything with a guy." [The man] then said, "I can do it better than any girl," and started moving his lips as "if he was sucking an invisible long object and holding it with two hands." The 21-year-old man was charged with soliciting sex.

RELIGIOUS MESSAGES: "We found a pig's head and dead chickens with roses placed over the bodies," a police officer wrote. "Fruit and other unidentified food was also at the scene. The exact location is on Fulton Terrace, just east of Chester Ave., near the old train tracks. ... It was determined it may have been a religious activity."

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