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Best of Atlanta 2002

We're soft and cuddly -- this week only

It's time once again for Creative Loafing to set aside our gnarly skepticism and embrace our warm 'n' fuzzy side.

Most weeks, we unleash our critical nitpicking on the political buffoonery, social injustices and artistic endeavors that take place in our fair city. But once a year, we crack the crust off our hearts and celebrate all things good and true. The result of that is our annual Best Of Atlanta issue, which you now hold in your hands.

But don't think we've gone soft. We still wore our critical thinking caps as we sniffed out the best our city has to offer. Thirty-four staff members and freelance critics swarmed Atlanta and its environs looking for everything from the most scrumptious sushi to the friendliest neighborhood bar. And for those who need their weekly fix of muckraking and mockery, you'll find abbreviated versions of our regular news and feature sections in the back.

So go to your happy place. Picture in your mind puppy dogs and merry-go-rounds. Unicorns and rainbows. Big-eyed kids and Precious Moments collectibles. Cue up some Muzak. Pour yourself a big glass of milk. And dig into Best Of Atlanta 2002. It's sure to make you feel all warm and tingly inside.

-- Suzanne Van Atten

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