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Best Non-commercial Radio Station

Though we bitch about Clear Channel ruining the airwaves, truth is, Atlanta's pretty lucky when it comes to radio choice. But even with the handful of college and public stations to balance out the payola free-for-all on the right side of the dial, local radio's ace in the hole has got to be WRFG 89.3 FM otherwise known as "Radio Free Georgia." Not paid for by record companies -- not even funded by a school or bolstered by NPR -- the station is truly local, grassroots and by-the-shoestrings like so few things in life are anymore. And with a program schedule offering everything from drive-time blues to underground hip-hop, regional bluegrass to currents in Caribbean and Celtic sounds -- as well as good ol' fashioned lefty-slanted news -- 'RFG is a resource to cherish.

1083 Austin Ave. 404-523-3471. www.wrfg.org

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