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Best News Story During A Sweeps Month

If you're a misbehaving public official, you'll want to avoid Randy Travis, especially during sweeps month. His two-part EXPOSÉ ON GWINNETT STATE COURT JUDGE DAVID FULLER was perhaps one of the most entertaining, outrageous, gotcha stories in Fox 5's history. In an investigation that spanned months, Travis and his team showed Fuller leaving work early after presiding over DUI cases, driving to a bar and getting sloshed. On one day, hidden cameras showed Fuller downing 19 drinks over seven hours, belting out Jimmy Buffett tunes, then getting into his SUV and driving home. Public outrage led to Fuller's suspension, and prosecutors charged him with DUI based solely on the investigation. Fuller pleaded no contest, and eventually announced he would step down from the bench. Go Randy.

Catch Randy's work on Fox 5 News's evening broadcast, 5-7 p.m. www.wagatv.com

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