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L5P is overrun by Midtown mommas now, but there was a time when freaks and geeks ruled the roost, and it wasn't for a night of fashion-conscious clubbing when they went shopping for vinyl. WAX N FACTS remembers. Fact is, Wax N Facts' encyclopedic collective of clerks remembers just about everything about those shiny black platters with their slick sleeves and warm grooves. While more specialized storefronts -- Earwax for hip-hop, Satellite for electronic/dance and Stickfigure Distro for hardcore -- may eclipse certain niches, when it comes to the widest most up-to-date selection of records on record, Wax N Facts is still the place to go when the vinyl you crave is not that worn. Remember that.

Wax N Facts, 432 Moreland Ave., 404-525-2275.

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