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Best Neighborhood Bar

Manuel's Tavern

602 N. Highland Ave.

404-525-3447 www.manuelstavern.com
Though everyone may not know your name, Manuel's is about as close to Cheers as Atlanta's bars get when it comes to the comfort of familiar faces. Anyway, if you aren't known by name, you're probably known by what you drink. Manuel's is family owned and operated, with third- and fourth-generation Maloofs continuing the tradition Manuel started. With three terms as DeKalb County CEO under his belt, in addition to years of liberal advocacy, Manuel Maloof has been called "The Godfather of Georgia Democratic politics. Manuel created a bar in his image, one that has attracted a diverse, liberal crowd for decades. Upon taking a seat at the bar, you're equally likely to bump elbows or clink mugs with a doctor, a construction worker, a journalist, a student, a good ol' boy or a politician. The people truly are the lifeblood of this place, and it shows.

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