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Best Multimedia Venue

Mixing up the city's music, performance, art and techie factions by offering a little of each is a surefire way to enliven the scene and bring disparate worlds together. EYEDRUM ART & MUSIC GALLERY has successfully tapped into the varied subcultures of the city with its exceptional commitment to cutting-edge work in film, video, visual arts, music, performance. This was especially evident in this year's raucous, memorable Gogol Bordello show, featuring an eight-piece NYC ensemble of Russian and Israeli immigrant musicians described by the New York Times as "Iggy Pop meets Kafka." Also memorable this year was Richard Gess' local film programming, featuring experimental and narrative work and the wonderful Objet Sonore sound art exhibition, curated by Adam Overton, which plumbed the possibilities for sound within a visual arts context, proving that good things happen when media collide.

290 MLK Jr. Drive, Suite 8, 404-522-0655. www.eyedrum.org

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