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Bill Campbell

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If you didn’t believe BILL CAMPBELL was a crook when he was mayor, then you weren’t paying attention. A puzzling jury verdict acquitted the slickster on racketeering charges. But Hizzoner still will be sporting prison scrubs for the next couple of years, because he couldn’t escape the tax evasion charges. Even though Campbell’s high-profile trial, conviction and incarceration gave Atlanta a black eye, letting him get away with his skullduggery as he ran the city into the ground would’ve tarnished our reputation all the more. Perhaps as much as the verdict, justice was served by the courtroom revelation of the former mayor as a petty, vindictive philanderer who spent as much time playing blackjack and taking vacations on other people’s dimes as he did at City Hall. And when he gets out of the slammer, maybe he can run for mayor of Tunica, Miss.

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