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One hundred years from now, historians will look back on Atlanta in 2013 and discover it was the year of the beast - a time when metal reigned supreme. Bands with ghastly names such as Sadistic Ritual, Mangled, Living Decay, Hellgoat, and dozens more formed a legion of helicopter headbangers. None, however, rocked harder, or reached deeper into the darkest recesses of the male psyche to summon forth a more malevolent sound than Disfigurement. For proof, look no further than the primeval death metal grind of its Abyss of Hatred 7-inch, or the Soul Rot EP out via Boris Records. Vocalist Nate Godbee's demonic growl leads a whiplash charge that avoids genre clichés with subtle changes lining each riff and rhythm. For sheer technical prowess, Disfigurement features the strongest metal shredders in Atlanta.
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