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Best Margarita


242 Boulevard

404-588-0006 http://www.agaverestaurant.com
Neither too gritty nor too pretentious, newcomer Agave is comfy and chic, with a knack for making tequila, triple sec, lime and salt sing. Or at least you'll be singing, after downing a couple of ample margaritas off an even more ample margarita menu. The Cabbagetown enclave offers the traditional and Texas varieties, as well as the Margaritini (served "up, in a martini glass), the Agave Melon (with Midori, sour and lime) and eight other flavors, for $5-$9 a pop. As for you liquor snobs, you can swap Cuervo or Sauza for one of 30 other tequila choices, including a $17-per-shot Porfidio and a $35 Herradura.

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