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Dining is all about desire, right? Even if a meal isn't explicitly romantic, we expect it to satisfy our cravings and satiate us. The Sound Table goes all the way. It weakens our will with exotic cocktails and feeds us slightly kinky dishes such as artichokes with crispy duck, and sunchoke purèe with a poached egg. Then the tables are cleared away for dancing to music spun by some of the country's best DJs. It's all great fun but this Dionysian rite could be abbreviated if we could just throw a couple of the scalding-hot servers — gender unimportant — into the car and speed home with them. The women have that hipster hotness, that I-don't-give-a-fuck intrigue that makes us want to ... well, give a fuck. The men give good tableside attitude with their fashionable duds and languid sex appeal. We've never seen food served with such libidinal finesse. 483 Edgewood Ave. 404-835-2534.

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