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Best Local Website

It won't help you get a job, tell you what bands are playing this weekend or find you a mortgage company, but HOMESTARRUNNER.COM might make you laugh. And, if you're a local webmaster, its mastery of Flash animation will turn you green with envy. Homestar Runner is the eponymous protagonist in a series of online cartoons created by brothers Matt and Mike Chapman and populated by a collection of simple-minded, Pokemon-meets-SpongeBob characters with names like Strong Bad, Marzipan and Poopsmith. Although it's remained largely underground (until a recent New York Times profile, that is) homestarrunner.com has built a national word-of-mouth following that includes a few well-known indie musicians. One such fan, Lou Barlow of Sebadoh, hired the brothers to create a Folk Implosion video simply on the strength of their online doodling.


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