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Best Local TV Newscast

Fox 5 News

Channel 5 WAGA-TV


WAGA's newscasts differ from those of three other news stations in town in two significant respects: Because Rupert Murdoch's Fox Network still hasn't brought his wacko bias to an evening news show, channel 5's local broadcast is the only news for the station in the early evening; and Fox's entertainment lineup ends at 10 p.m., which gives channel 5 a full hour of news at night. More time and the mandate to do national news helps make Channel 5 the best news station in town. The format helps the station eschew (relatively speaking) the combination of blood and happy talk that, sadly, predominates in local news across the country. Two other factors come into play: 1) From anchor to sports to in-the-field reporters, WAGA has the deepest talent pool of any other station, and 2) Channel 5's I-team (see "Best Local TV Reporter) regularly breaks substantive stories.

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