Best Local Band To Reinvent Itself

A Fir-Ju Well

Staff Pick

When word spread that A FIR-JU WELL was playing its “last show ever,” rumors of the band’s death were greatly exaggerated. Of equal exaggeration was the local music scene’s reaction when the group re-emerged under the name Gringo Star. What’s in a name, anyway? An awful lot. A Fir-Ju Well was a classy, mysterious moniker that hinted at the group’s swirling palette of sweat-soaked and baroque psych rock; it was miles away from a side-stabbing Beatles pun. Whether Gringo Star invokes a smile and a groan or just bewilderment, it’s certainly infused the group’s public image with a whole new sense of mystery. Hey, it worked out for Brian Jonestown Massacre, but not so well for John Cougar Concentration Camp.

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