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Best Health Club

Decatur/DeKalb YMCA

1100 Clairemont Ave., Decatur

404-377-0241 http://www.ymcaatlanta.org
The Decatur-DeKalb Y remains the healthiest health club in town for a number of reasons. Naturally, it's healthy to go to the place, which has a full range of athletic facilities, including a pool, a sauna, basketball courts, aerobic equipment and circuit training. Relatively speaking, it's healthy on your wallet: $46 a month for individuals and $68 for families is very reasonable for a full-service club (that's true of all Ys, which simply are a bit better of a buy than the for-profit clubs). But the really special thing about the Decatur-DeKalb Y is that it's healthy for you socially: While it's clean and luxurious enough for most yuppies, there's a nice cross-section of folks there, with very little of the "I'm-a-better-jock-than-you attitude that can permeate health clubs.

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