Dragon Con

Trophy Case

Atlanta. 1987. A small group of sci-fi fans joined forces to create what has become arguably the supreme gathering of geeks and nerds in the world. All kneel before Dragon Con. Every Labor Day weekend, Jedis, Dr. Whos, and Klingons descend upon Downtown and, after taking over the city’s most iconic street with a parade rivaled only by Pride, party in hotels. When not showing off costumes, attendees sit in panel discussions about filking, participate in live-action role-playing, and pack Q&As with the cast of “Mystery Science Theater 3000” and other popular series. If you’re able to squeeze yourself into one of the host hotels to party alongside them, you have a wonderful night ahead of you. Thank you for being a geeky friend that enlivens our city and pumps millions of dollars into our local economy, Dragon Con.

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