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Best Flea Market Minus the Fleas

This is a difficult choice, largely because flea markets in Atlanta suck. Whoever decided that a flea market should consist of a hundred booths selling fake Vuitton bags and pirated videotapes should be hung from the highest yardarm in the British navy. So, we're cheating slightly by honoring the LAKEWOOD ANTIQUES MARKET. Sure, there's plenty of furniture and expensive stuff here, but there are also plenty of booths where you could blow a whole day rummaging through boxes of old books, glassware, tools and other crap that the vendor didn't even know he had. Now that's what a flea market should be. And remember, it's the second weekend of every month; $3 cover.

Lakewood Fairgrounds, 2000 Lakewood Ave., 404-622-4488. www.lakewoodantiques.com

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