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Best Flashback to the 50s

Starlight Six Drive-in Theatres

2000 Moreland Ave.

404-627-5786 www.starlightdrivein.com
There's nothing like sitting in your car, popcorn at your side, a beverage in the cup-holder and a movie showing both through your windshield and in your rearview mirror. You can't get that at the local multiplex. Six dollars will gain you access to one (or more) of six silver screens, featuring new flicks and the occasional retro, blood-and-guts B movie. Starlight feels a little grungy and dated, with its creepy snack bar and cracked pavement. But who needs THX sound and stadium seating when you can control your own climate and volume, chatter all you want, smoke cigarettes and make out unabashedly with your date?

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