Best Effort to Preserve a Local Landmark

Save the Buckhead Library

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Over the past year, Facebook has been more than just an excuse to play Scrabulous (R.I.P.) and a way to say “How ya been?” to high school buddies. The social network assisted in the campaign to SAVE THE BUCKHEAD LIBRARY from destruction. Earlier this year, Fulton County flirted with the idea of selling the acclaimed Scogin-Elam-designed structure to developer Ben Carter for $24 million. Carter wants the land for his überfancy Streets of Buckhead development. When word spread that the popular publicly owned landmark was set to be toppled in favor of apartments and shopping for zillionaires, fans went cyber-apeshit. Determined to save the iconic canopied building, they banded together via Facebook and a blog to raise enough of a stink to get the county to back off.

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